The Journey of Digestion

The Journey of Digestion: Chew up, swallow down, and strap in for the ride! This lecture journeys through the anatomy, function and physiology of the human gastrointestinal canal Find Out More. A foundational lecture to Andréa’s teachings, this hour will help you re-visit some concepts you learned when you were 10 years old – but [...]

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Detoxification: “Detox” gets a bad wrap these days, and rightfully so! Listen in to hear Andréa set the record straight about the criticisms and offerings of detoxification. A well-rounded, critical look at commercial detoxification programs and a return to understanding innate detoxification built into our physiology. That should be enough to keep [...]

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The Life force is with You

The Life force is with You: What is Prana? Have you ever felt Qi? Awakening the life-force energy inside of you allows you to realize that you don’t need external fuel to thrive. Running within you is a vital life-force energy, which can give you more power than you’ve felt before. Through this lecture, we [...]

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Reflexology for All

<!-- iframe plugin v.4.3 wordpress lose weight --> Reflexology for All: A great introduction to many concepts Andréa holds true in her practice and personal experience.  Listen in for a foundational overview of Natural Hygiene and Holistic Medicinal systems. You’ll be guided through a personal foot massage/reflexology session! Learn about the correspondences of points [...]

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Ever-Popular Food Combining

Ever-Popular Food Combining: <span style="letter-spacing: 0 how to lose weight quickly.0px; text-shadow: 0.0px 1.0px 0.0px #ffffff;">Don’t miss this podcast!! Andréa’s most sought-after lecture, this podcast will help you unlock the secrets of digestion. It’s simple! Andréa teaches food combining fundamentals that most people skip over. When a beginner doesn’t learn the logical reasoning behind food [...]

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