Sugar, Candida and Adrenal Fatigue

Sugar, Candida and Adrenal Fatigue: Listen in for an exciting episode weaving together sugar, candida and adrenal fatigue. These inter-related issues in the modern world are simple as Andréa approaches them. Based on our physiological reactions to stress: either from white sugar or from modern-life’s stressors, this lecture will not only point out [...]

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Interpret the Signals From Your Body

Learn to Interpret the Signals From Your Body: Ever wonder what your symptoms actually mean? A headache or fever… your puffy face or belly? How about acne or a rash? Listen in to hear Andréa’s interpretation of these important messages your body is sending you. Remember: the body is always on a mission [...]

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Our Bacterial Balance Dictates our Life

<!-- iframe plugin v look these up.4.3 --> The Microbiome Lecture: Our Bacterial Balance Dictates our Life: The first venture of our upcoming “Microbiome Think Tank”, this lecture is a collective between Andréa Paige and Sterling Solomon of Solomon Solutions. It details the basis of health: in the earth and our microbiome. As we [...]

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Healthier without Sugar, Alcohol and Coffee

Irish Coffee: Things our lives would be drastically healthier without: Sugar, Alcohol and Coffee: In this fun lecture, Andréa reviews some ingredients we’d be much better off without consuming… What are they? Well, of course: sugar, alcohol and coffee! Also a stint about wheat in there. Listen in to reflect upon how your [...]

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