Salt, Oil And The Myth Of Flexibility

Salt, Oil And The Myth Of Flexibility: How Your Diet And Lifestyle Effects Your Yoga Asana Practice A controversial one! Andréa shares here from what she’s been experimenting with directly for the first half of 2016. Listen in to hear how you can maximize your physical yogasana (or any other fitness) practice through [...]

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Modern Raw Food Diet: Critical Inquiry

  Modern Raw Food Diet: Critical Inquiry Alas, the raw-foodists arch enemy! In this podcast Andréa discusses the modern raw food diet: how it's different from the original "raw food diet" from 100 years ago... and how people today aren't necessarily helping themselves by "going raw". She gave this lecture to launch #RawMay [...]

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DIY Do-It-Yourself Fasting Lecture!

  DIY Do-It-Yourself Fasting Lecture! Our bodies are programmed to go through cycles of feast and famine, and yet today we only have feast. Thus, our bodies almost never get a time to rest & heal. That's what fasting brings. Listen in to this episode to learn how to "do it yourself" and [...]

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