The Nervous System: Get in Control

In this class/workshop you'll learn techniques to calm yourself in activation of superhuman potential. Learn first the red-flag warning signs to monitor if you're unnecessarily stressed on a physiological level. Tune in to hear how you can daily use nervous system centers in the body to calm yourself. This is perhaps the most [...]

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Fasting 2

Andréa takes this group beyond the basic Fasting 101 talk and reaches into the words and wisdom of one of her teachers: Arnold Ehret. Take your own perception of fasting past Andréa's basics and learn the wisdom of Natural Hygiene. Dr. Ehret's perspective revolves around mucus formation in the body. Hear Andréa's commentary. [...]

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Tap Into Your Power

A discussion/lecture about tapping into the pre-cursors to you superhuman potential. Definitely basing perspective from fasting, this lecture goes into Prana and other details not yet heard on this podcast. Hear details of Andréa's fasting practice & her 47 day fast. Last 25 mins Q&A covers: infections, wounds, immunity, inflammation, and edible oils. [...]

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Beginning with an all-out dance party, this talk, entitled "congestion" helps put into context WHY disease develops. Shift your perspective on movement internally. Begin to hack the system we call the body with simple principles of movement, breath, hydration and elimination. Tune in to deeply understand the situation as is in your body [...]

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