Random “Free For All”

The perfect introduction to Andréa's approach to the body & human life. Tune in to learn about how often you're meant to poop (& how together there!), the body's self- healing reflex, and our power to control the amount of inflammation and pain in our body. "It feels so good to be verified [...]

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Chocolate Dairy Sugar Soy

Yep - everybody's faves? Tune in to hear Andréa talk about what happens in the body when we inject certain foods. This isn't a lecture telling you what to think - it's empowering critical inquiry: learning how to think about today's issues. Lecture given on day 35 of a fast. Check out this [...]

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Different Diets

Raw to Atkins to Vegan and Paleo: so many choices of diets over the years?! How do we understand how the body processes each..? Take a big-picture-perspective and learn about Macronutrients. This one lecture will empower you to understand all diets from what they're trying to do - rather than the body they're [...]

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Sugar Question

A whole history of sugar, its development, how it breaks down in the body and why we only have one word for many different kinds of "sugars". This physiology lesson is kept intentionally simple so you can actually understand all of those "things" doctors talk about over your head. Learn to formulate you [...]

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Energy Lecture

Feeling sassy today, Andréa talks about human vitality. Learn what depresses or shrouds this energy, which is always naturally there. Learn how to get in touch with your own vitality and then how to begin to make experiments to find your own truth. Bacteria is an important part of this! The last 10 [...]

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