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Hello, Amsterdam! This invigorating city where business suit-clad men bicycle down the streets early morning with a song in their heart and a smile on their face. Yes, finally a city where people are happy! Andréa embraces the city as her home for the summer and invites you over to come visit. A beautiful chance at a reunion with other fasters, with Andi, and with your own body! We will hold the retreat at a private venue near the city center. This is a non-residential retreat! Be in touch if you need accommodation recommendations.

This is your life activation from all angles, biohacking, cognitive overhaul & self-love uncovered.


16-23 July & 13-20 August 2017


Heyo! Make sure to come into the city at latest the night before the program begins. Fly into AMS or another nearby European airport and take a train!


We will wrap up by the afternoon of the final day, so check your departure and let me know how I can help! I’ll likely recommend you head out to dinner together to celebrate your success & reintegration of food.

What’s Included?

  • Endless Education all Week
  • Invaluable Experience of Shifted Perspective on Health
  • New Relationship to Your Body
  • Boosted Immune System
  • Expedited Healing of Any Condition
  • A Lifelong Relationship with Inspiration

Retreat Location & Accommodation

This is a non-residential retreat. We will have our daily program at a gorgeous workshop space in the center. There is a secret garden courtyard, promising for the perfect addition of summer sunshine. You can find your own accommodation anywhere in the city center (inner ring). Once you’ve registered, Andrea will follow up with a list of accommodation recommendations near our studio. To get in and out of the city and to/from the airport, we recommend downloading the Uber app before your departure!

What you need for the week

Let’s see… an open heart, comfortable clothing, an open mind, love (though I know, you bring that everywhere), and YOU! Just show up. You will be massively taken care of. I promise!

What will we consume?

A ton of delicious green juice. Fresh sourced mineral water. Herbal Tea. Perhaps some coconuts…. And that’s it!! Yes. This is a cleanse. I know, you might be worried, but you’re in more-than-good hands, darling. Your body has ALL it needs for this. There are very few medical contraindications. It is literally the BEST thing you could do for yourself. Full Stop!

What will our days look like?

Great question. A beautiful balance between self-reflection, stimulating content and loving community. Class and private treatment. You will wake up and do cleansing practices, come to the studio for our morning physical practice (Yoga, Taiji, QiGong, slow flow movement, etc.), drink our juice, have a circle check-in & Q&A time, be stimulated by the latest research and Andréa’s captivating way to convey it…. break for treatments or reflection time or stay at the studio for viewing of inspiring documentary films… and then return early afternoon to each other for more education, Nervous system regeneration (Yoga Nidra, Restorative) and evening events. From Sound Healing to empowering paradigm shifts to ecstatic dance! Get ready to groove. Feel – right now – for a second – the last time you felt fully FREE. Fully ALIVE. Fully allowed to be YOU! Yes, that’s what we’re going for… on a whole new level!

Anything else?

Hit me up! Contact me via the FB page at: www.facebook.com/andreapaigeND.

Don’t miss this chance. You only live in this body once. How do you want to feel…?
Register before June 15, and save 200 euros!
“With yours truly, Andréa Paige”

Save your spot NOW!

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Register with a friend and save big!

“I know, you have to convince your friend to fast with you first!”

*Your 200€ deposit is non-refundable. Once payment is made, refunds are granted upon emergencies, minus processing fees. If you need to reschedule, your payment can be forwarded to a future retreat. Your body thanks you for investing in it…! Your heart will sing a song of gratitude once the retreats’ through!


If this retreat has sparked your interest, I really think you must join me. But please, don’t take it from me… Let me share with you what have past participants said. Here’s direct transcription of feedback forms from recent years of leading retreats in Sri Lanka, Bali, Italy, India and worldwide… a glimpse of what people say as they walk away…

“I gained clarity for my future. Health is the most important thing in life, and you are here to reawaken. This is a space to awaken your true self and get to experience the chance to take your health back into your own hands and meet new friends!”
Katy, USA, August 2016
“I feel stronger than day 1 and I haven’t eaten in a week. A new perspective on life. Healing wisdom. Without a doubt a life-changing experience.”
Michael, USA, October 2016
“Andréa is one of the most inspiring souls that we need more of on this planet. She has the ability to make you feel really good the moment you see her. My most extraordinary triumph was that I’m worthy of anything and everything that I desire. We don’t see things the way they are, we see them the way we are.”
Nicole, Namibia, October 2016
“Are you kidding? YES YES YES I would recommend this to anyone! It’s not just a food detox… it’s all-encompassing for your body, mind & soul. You will re-discover yourself.”
Ebony, Australia, March 2016
“My gratitude knows no bounds. I will rant lovingly about this to everyone. Thank you! This program connected me back into my intuition and power.”
Brit, Australia, August 2016
“Andrea’s facilitation, education and support were spot-on. She distilled so much into such little time, while keeping the program moving and managing he preparation of the program. Hats off! Epitome of sensitivity and responsiveness. Absolutely exceptional.”
David, UK, August 2016
“I have no words. These have been some of the most beautiful days of my life that will impact me in a positive way forever more.”
Julia, Germany, July 2016
Recommend? “Hands down. Much more powerful and valuable than I expected. You will learn and experience new information and leave with an entirely new perspective on the body and digestion.”
Tom, USA, July 2016
“If you are thinking about doing this, stop thinking and just do it! It will change your life for the beyond better.”
Scott, New Zealand, 2016

and the latest, from Sri Lanka

“I cannot begin to tell you about this process without professionally acknowledging Andréa Paige. There is absolutely no one quite like her. I have -hands down- never met anyone as dedicated to or knowledgeable about VITALITY as as she is. When you work with her you are not only doing the work on your body, you are totallyre-programming your entire psyche. It is quite literally a full spectrum cleansing- mind, body and soul- and what you are filled back up with is a deep, deeeeep cellular revitalization that seeps into the core of your being. The inner journey I was able to take myself on in the space Andi held was unlike anything I have experienced before in retreat spaces. She is it. She will completely flip your world upside down and confirm you…. who YOU really are and have always known, and been. The experience Andi provides and guides you through is a complete Life Activation. This shift is a profound recalibration to my relationship with food and what I do or do not choose to put inside my body. My biggest advice with detox and fasting is DO NOT DO IT ALONE! It is worth every single penny to be held, guided and thoughtfully informed about what you are doing and what is happening for you every step of the way. Really, I mean this one. If you are going through any big life transitions or if you want a re-set. And I really truly mean a comprehensive entire life reboot to the most updated version of software, get yourself to one of Andi’s upcoming retreats. She is also pretty much the most incredible yoga teacher and yoga teacher trainer I have ever met. Honestly, I can’t say enough remarkable things about this woman. I have a huge professional crush on her and want the entire world to be changed by her work- because we deserve it.”
Rachel Rickards, Embodied Intimacy, April 2017