Get Your Life Back On Track

Get Your Life Back On Track Re-Prioritizing Health: What's Truly Important in Your Life? This was a New Year's lecture, empowering people to re-visit their own personal dedication to health. Andréa discusses her list of: "Top Ten Things for a Healthier Life". Listen in to this podcast if you feel you just need [...]

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Salt, Oil And The Myth Of Flexibility

Salt, Oil And The Myth Of Flexibility: How Your Diet And Lifestyle Effects Your Yoga Asana Practice A controversial one! Andréa shares here from what she’s been experimenting with directly for the first half of 2016. Listen in to hear how you can maximize your physical yogasana (or any other fitness) practice through [...]

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Modern Raw Food Diet: Critical Inquiry

  Modern Raw Food Diet: Critical Inquiry Alas, the raw-foodists arch enemy! In this podcast Andréa discusses the modern raw food diet: how it's different from the original "raw food diet" from 100 years ago... and how people today aren't necessarily helping themselves by "going raw". She gave this lecture to launch #RawMay [...]

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DIY Do-It-Yourself Fasting Lecture!

  DIY Do-It-Yourself Fasting Lecture! Our bodies are programmed to go through cycles of feast and famine, and yet today we only have feast. Thus, our bodies almost never get a time to rest & heal. That's what fasting brings. Listen in to this episode to learn how to "do it yourself" and [...]

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Colon Hygiene & Toxicity Today

  Colon Hygiene & Toxicity Today: Listen up: this could be the most important news you've heard all week! We humans are meant to poop once/meal/day. Now that's something you weren't taught in school. Anything less than that means that something's coming in - and staying in...! This auto-intoxication, paired with an ever-increasing [...]

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What Does Health Look Like?

What Does Health Look Like?: This lecture examines our concept of "health" in depth. As Jiddu Krishnamurti famously said: "It is no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society." This lecture outlines the pathway towards raising the bar on health. Health isn't merely absence of disease, but rather: living [...]

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Sugar, Candida and Adrenal Fatigue

Sugar, Candida and Adrenal Fatigue: Listen in for an exciting episode weaving together sugar, candida and adrenal fatigue. These inter-related issues in the modern world are simple as Andréa approaches them. Based on our physiological reactions to stress: either from white sugar or from modern-life’s stressors, this lecture will not only point out [...]

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Interpret the Signals From Your Body

Learn to Interpret the Signals From Your Body: Ever wonder what your symptoms actually mean? A headache or fever… your puffy face or belly? How about acne or a rash? Listen in to hear Andréa’s interpretation of these important messages your body is sending you. Remember: the body is always on a mission [...]

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