Get Your Life Back On Track

Get Your Life Back On Track

Re-Prioritizing Health: What’s Truly Important in Your Life? This was a New Year’s lecture, empowering people to re-visit their own personal dedication to health. Andréa discusses her list of: “Top Ten Things for a Healthier Life”. Listen in to this podcast if you feel you just need to get your life back on track a little bit… Expect to be well-reminded by the end of this lecture. Perhaps have a pen and paper ready to also make in some definite plans and strategize how to incorporate these into your life: DAILY!
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  1. Marta July 12, 2017 at 11:22 am - Reply

    So… I just met you yesterday and I am so so grateful! I just heard this podcast and this is going to my list of things that everyone will benefit from listening along side with a Vipassana retreat even if they never meditate again in their lifes!
    Your enthusiasm is contagious and your message goes so deep and it is such a true that it goes directly to one’s soul!

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