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Andrea has a new website! Please check it out for more tips from DR. ANDREA PAIGE! 🤗 This website is inactive and hasn't been updated for more than 3 years
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Yoga Teacher Trainings, Worldwide

The Sacred Fig 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training is a highly-intensive program designed to educate & inspire the next generation of world-class yoga leaders. Andréa will teach the full Anatomy & Physiology curriculum on this course.


Andréa will lead this training in collaboration with SchoolYoga Institute! Held at the heavenly paradise of Dragonfly Village in the hidden ricefields of Ubud, this training is an intensive 3- week journey through the shamanic medicine wheel and into the depths of the unknown. All of your “normal” TYYC fare will be served, with many bonuses (Nutrition, Health, Detox, Astrology, Yoga Nidra, Pranayama, etc.) served on the side!


Andréa teaches a diverse curriculum on San Francisco’s (and now Bali’s) beloved Les Leventhal’s teacher trainings. She comes in to speak to the trainees about health empowerment, the complex conundrum of “nutrition” and general health and wellbeing. Les’ trainings are a fun time!


The Yoga Of You is a YTTC school based out of Houston, Texas and will come for the first time to Bali in 2016. Andréa will teach a significant share of the curriculum, including: full anatomy/physiology course, health, Sanskrit, posture clinics and asana lab, Yoga Nidra, etc.


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Upcoming Events, Classes, Trainings

Andréa gives weekly Health Talks at the Yoga Barn every Monday, 5:30pm. She will be on a teaching tour of Europe the entire month of October and will hold a retreat in Italy at the end of the month. Stay tuned for more. When in Bali, Andréa also offers Nada Yoga @ The Yoga Barn every Thursday at 3pm.

This autumn, Dr. Andréa will be touring Europe, giving free health talks and Yoga Asana Master classes.


Sept. 23-26 Amsterdam, Netherlands


Sept. 26-Oct. 1 Various Cities in Germany


Oct. 1-7 Paris, France


Oct. 7-10 Provence, France


Oct. 10-15 Spain (Barcelona, Madrid)


Oct. 15-19 Ibiza Holistic Health Foundations Training


Oct. 19-23 Lisbon, Portugal


Oct. 23-Oct. 27 Italy (Rome, Milan, Puglia)


Oct. 27-Nov 3 Exclusive Doctor’s Retreat for Women in the South of Italy 


Asana Masterclass (2-4 hours)
Ready to up-level? Yoga asana isn’t about waiting until you’re flexible enough or have practiced enough years. Yoga asana is about empowerment. This is a completely modern system of movement. Most asanas are no more than 100 years old. When we apply modern science and anatomical principals with  ancient understanding of human physiology, we unlock the door to advanced asana. Come learn how to empower your body and what the next steps are in your practice. Intended for intermediate-advanced practitioners. From deepening foundations with purpose, to arm balances and inversions, and the transitions between. Connect into your center and learn to re-wire your nervous system and brain so you can float effortlessly through the poses.


Nada Yoga (2 hours): a journey through sounding and white tantra.
Do you feel like you haven’t fully been present for a while? Feeling foggy, depressed or disconnected?
This practice has been designed to awaken your inner aliveness and reconnect you to purpose.
Andréa creates a space to re-connect into a sense of self and deeper meaning in life.
Come for a deeper experience of the Yogic practices and self-healing tools.
Come if you’re curious ;).


Free Health Talks
Want clear, logical advice?
Things you can apply in your life?
Do you want to make a CHANGE?
Find Andréa at a health food store near you! She’s here to spread the word and empower people to take their HEALTH back into their own hands! She’ll be lecturing on the fundamentals of health: topics which many natural medicine practitioners glaze over, only to sell the client lots of money worth of supplements or herbs.

Andrea has a new website! Please check it out for more tips from DR. ANDREA PAIGE! 🤗 This website is inactive and hasn't been updated for more than 3 years
Join us at The Institute For Aliveness