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Retreat Center

SEN WELLNESS Couldn’t be more gorgeous if it tried..! Conde Nast has just ranked it one of the most sought-after places in the orld. Yes, this is where we introduce the word: indulge! (Take it from me, someone who lived in fear/lack-state about money for so long. When you let it flow, re-invest in yourself, good things come!)


Heyo! Arrive midday or afternoon on the 14th. We will totally send someone to pick you up at the airport, no worries! Transport can be arranged with the amazing Maryam from Sen Wellness, or send me your arrival info, and I’ll send it to her! Fly into Colombo – CMB ( or HRI – a closer, local airport. You may have a free transfer from Colombo internationally if you search direct.)


We will wrap up by the afternoon of the 20th, so check your departure and let me know how I can help!

Room options

There’s two killer room choices. Both are single (no share). One is essentially your own picturesque villa, and the other is a top notch hotel room in a main building. Depends on your level of splurge, I suppose!

What you need for the week

A swimsuit, open heart, comfortable clothing, open mind, love (though I know, you bring that everywhere), and YOU! Just show up. You will be massively taken care of. I promise!

What will we consume?

A ton of delicious green juice. Fresh sourced mineral water. Herbal Tea. Perhaps some coconuts…. And that’s it!! Yes. This is a cleanse. I know, you might be worried, but you’re in more-than-good hands, darling. Your body has ALL it needs for this. There are very few medical contraindications. It is literally the BEST thing you could do for yourself. Period/Full Stop!

What will our days look like?

Yes – great question. A beautiful balance between self-reflection and community. Class and private treatment. The ALL-INCLUSIVE nature of this program means that you WILL be receiving acupuncture, colonics, astrology readings et. al. – already paid for in the package price! So each day we will wake up, have our morning practices (Yoga, Taiji, QiGong, energy work…), drink our juice, have a circle check-in, enjoy some time to swim and sun…. break for treatments and reflection time, and then return each afternoon to each other for more education and evening events. From Sound Healing to empowering paradigm shifts to ecstatic dance! Get ready to groove. Feel – right now – for a second – the last time you felt fully FREE. Fully ALIVE. Fully allowed to be YOU! Yes, that’s what we’re going for… on a whole new level!

Anything else?

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