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What are people saying about Andréa’s work?

What makes Andrea’s teachings and practice so powerful , unique and moreover, imperative, is not that she is revealing top secret information that we have never heard of (for the most part 😉 ) – rather, she is reminding of us what our bodies inherently know. It is only our minds, conditioned by culture and influenced by a variety of societal factors and dominant, authoritative industries that have forgotten these basic yet crucial components for our health to truly thrive. At times her messages may appear ‘radical’ to mainstream views (what?! – the body can thrive and survive for days, even weeks, without eating any food!?), but her effectiveness as a teacher is through her power of communication. Her ability to connect with her audience. No matter one’s age, culture or previous beliefs. She practices and teaches from a place of openness, love and acceptance.

Her message reminders are needed more than ever in today’s modern world where so many of our (health) practices and beliefs are largely influenced by persuasive external bodies – the pharmaceutical industry, the meat production industry and the dairy industry to name a few. We rarely stop to question or think critically on so many of the basic components of our lives.

Her approach to health is holistic. Rarely will you get a ‘straight’ yes or no answer from her (something that I initially took some getting used to!) Like many other westerners, we are used to more traditional forms of ‘medication’. I have X ailment. I go to a ‘doctor’ – someone I equate with being a specialist on my said ailment. Doctor prescribes Y medication for X ailment. The possibility that we ourselves are our bodies’ best healers – or rather, that our bodies’ already inherently know and want to heal themselves, never even occurs. We seek outside counsel on so many aspects of our health, yet we never stop to look inward, take a step back and reflect and maybe let our bodies do what they will naturally do. Heal and preserve themselves, not only to survive, but to thrive.

Having known Andrea as a yoga instructor and teacher trainer, a naturopathic doctor, a colonics director and detox specialist, I am happy to hear her views on anything to do with health, diet, nutrition… and really anything in general. She teaches and connects from a place of passion, vibrancy and energy. I believe her message resonates with so many people because we already know the message. We just need a good messenger – or rather reminder, to make us remember.

But don’t take my word for it. Connect with Andrea yourself and experience the transformative power of her message and being.

Michelle Jung, Founder of Vitality Yoga

Andréa is a special, special woman. I had the honor of working with her as a yoga teacher and detox coach in Bali at the Yoga Barn. In retrospect, I think I dragged my body to Bali in search of healing; and once shaken by her awakening presence, it now feels like my body dragged me back home, home to my true nature. With Andréa’s guidance, I have given myself permission to follow the leadership of my body; to listen to its infinitely powerful signals of love and resilience. I have given myself permission to learn and unlearn the meanings of these signals; to recondition my body toward accepting the simple challenge of being alive. Andréa taught me that at the heart of our health is reminding ourselves who we are and where we came from; remembering that at our core we are primates living in the wild with little security about what is to come, so let us learn to receive and bless what sustains us right now.

Andréa is a critical light in our collective evolution. There is so much that she is moving. She challenges current modes of social thought and pushes the boundaries of popular society, inspiring us to reimagine what health means and who its agents of change really are. She empowers her students to be the researchers and doctors of their own bodies, and she nurtures their curiosity and fascination along the way. She is truly an open vessel of fierce magic and wisdom, teaching us to embody the world that is our body; to appreciate that what appears to live outside of us may actually already be vibrantly alive within us.

To this day, Andréa continues to empower me in reimagining my relationship to my own inner and outer life. Our thoughts are not problematic, and our behavior is neither good nor bad. Our so-called habits and addictions are all performed for a greater purpose beyond ourselves, that is beyond our personal identities. They are performed for the inner source of vitality that is always and already present within us, just waiting for an energetic spark of connection. Andréa ignites that spark and holds the plug so that it may light up your world.

Caroline Naughton, Psychotherapist, Northwestern University
Andrea has a new website! Please check it out for more tips from DR. ANDREA PAIGE! 🤗
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